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The metaverse is currently being built… but its underworld society has already formed a syndicate. Which gang of criminals will gain supremacy? Only you can decide…

The Syndicate was created to bring together once competing gangs like the thieves, coiners, rioters, coppers, and gamblers as they could not afford internecine strife. Therefore, 6,000 horned members, disguised as ERC-721 tokens, have gathered up and united their force to achieve total dominance. They are going incognito for now hidden in the ETH blockchain safehouses, casinos, banks, police stations, and dens, so the first step is to discover what ram dwells in you.

The Syndicate plan is to take control of the metaverse and its businesses, so be the decisive factor. Be a part of the power games played by the mobs, be the steam that spins the wheels of the scenario, be the puppet master of the meta world.


Unique NFTs


Different Traits


Non-Fungible Tokens

24 Jan

Phase 1


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Our Roadmap

NFT Collection Drop

Collection of 6,000 unique rams hiding in the underworld of the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens, with whose help the Syndicate will plan future directions.

Syndicate Vault

A Fund, supplied by the owners with 5 ETH, with no central leadership will be founded, where the resolutions get made from the bottom-up, governed by the community. The rules will be enforced on the blockchain in order to assure its decentralized character and the decisions will be made via group votes.

  • The Syndicate Vault will be available in the upcoming weeks after the Public Sale and the NFT will be the entrance ticket to the Vault.
  • The Vault does not imply for any Rams Syndicate NFT Holder to invest in securities, so we as the owners will fund the Vault with 5 ETH.
  • The Vault decisions will be made by the winner gang of the contests between the factions, so the gangs will control the Vault.
  • The number of votes you possess will be equal to the number of NFTs you hold.

Ram Token ($RAM)

Every Ram NFT will be able to collect their weekly pay cuts for a period of only one year, after that every Ram being officially ceased to generate any quantity of $RAM. In this method, we will be able to set a supply cap for the $RAM and with every spending action committed, the tokens from the supply will get burned, raising the value of the token as the time passes by. This will grant the Syndicate Metaverse the chance to have a healthy economic system and not to suffer from certain phenomenon capable of affecting the Syndicate Economy.

Holders will be able to claim the revenues associated with their NFTs directly from our website. This means that they will be able to accumulate $RAM earned from multiple Ram Syndicate NFTs at the same time. The Rams are not going to be staked in order to earn $RAM. We want the Rams Syndicate holders to be in full possession of their assets.

However, earned $RAM must be claimed with a small gas transaction (this process is liable to change if our community presents a gas-less option). We see this as a good thing however, as it discourages leaving Rams listed. On the secondary market, buyers may be able to snipe Rams that haven’t got their pay cuts claimed.

1 $RAM = 1 $RAM


Gang Duties

Each gang will determine the $RAM generation rate for each NFT. That’s why the Rams Syndicate concept is like a real alliance between the mobs, where each faction has its own duties and compensations.

Therefore, There will be an exchange system implemented in the RAM metaverse, which will be present on our website platform that will grant you the opportunity to convert your $RAM tokens into ETH, thus being able to earn some passive income by just owning the Rams Syndicate NFTs. The funds from which the ETH will be extracted and paid out to the owners will be gathered from the Royalties and the Sale of the collection itself. That way we will create a healthy economic circuit from which the owners will safely be able to receive their payouts.

The Pay cuts will depend on the faction of the Rams and they will range between 100 and 300 $RAM/week.

Exchange rate: 2000 $RAM = 0.01 ETH

Ram Syndicate Giveaway Roadmap

$RAM will be created as an utility token to be used in the future Syndicate Metaverse, therefore providing long-term value and utility to the holders.

$RAM is NOT an investment and has NO economic value. It will be used as a utility token in our Rams Syndicate ecosystem.

Giveaway Roadmap

Ram Syndicate Giveaway Roadmap


0.5 ETH each day for 5 consecutive days

Ram Syndicate Giveaway Roadmap
Ram Syndicate Giveaway Roadmap


Rams Mystery Box + 50% Royalties (given to a charity chosen by community) + 5 Various NFTs

Ram Syndicate Giveaway Roadmap
Ram Syndicate Giveaway Roadmap


5 Unique Rams (TokenFrame) + 5 ETH

Ram Syndicate Giveaway Roadmap
Ram Syndicate Giveaway Roadmap


Supercar (R8 Spyder) or 20 ETH

Ram Syndicate Giveaway Roadmap


1 Mutant Apes + 5 Various NFTs

Meet the team

Rams Syndicate Ram Team Viktor


Born and raised in the Den of Thieves, his only scope being to capture the riches of the authorities and to give back to the community.
Rams Syndicate Ram Team Andreiy


Never liked to obey those in power, so he tries to riot against the authority by creating a more decentralized world.
Rams Syndicate Ram Team Apart


Once an art collector, now the designer of the optimal plan for the Syndicate to gain more supremacy in the metaverse.
Software Engineer


True only to his morals, he reinforces the Syndicate with his security solutions centered around the blockchain.
Software Engineer


Roaming around the casinos of the metaverse, he can always be found near a pair of rolling dice, a spinning roulette or placing crypto bets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Rams Syndicate?

What blockchain does the collection use?

Is the art randomly generated?

When is Phase 1?

How do I purchase the NFTs?

When is the reveal?

Do you have full commercial rights?

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P1 Paragraph Large — The syndicate already has 10.000 rams who have affiliations with 5 mobs ready to take control of the underworld of the metaverse. The rams, disguised as erc-721 tokens, are staying low for now hidden in the ETH blockchain safehouses, casinos, banks, police stations and dens.

P2 Paragraph Regular— The syndicate already has 10.000 rams who have affiliations with 5 mobs ready to take control of the underworld of the metaverse. The rams, disguised as erc-721 tokens, are staying low for now hidden in the ETH blockchain safehouses, casinos, banks, police stations and dens.

P3 Paragraph Small — In the case where P3 doesn't work